zondag 12 april 2009

Springtime and Easter.

For me the springtime is the most wonderful time of the season. The garden is blooming and every day there is enough to enjoy. The last days the sun shines and there is some explosion of colours.
I used my time for gardening and shopping for our vacation. There was not so much time left for stitching, although I have finished the Easter Parade from BBD. It's stitched on Zweigart linen using the recommended threads.
My friend R. surprised me with the bunny pincushion. Isn't cute?
Thanks for stopping by and wish you all a Happy Easter!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Easter Parade looks great. Congratulations on finihsing it before Easter.
    Your garden is so great with all the flowers and trees already blooming. It was the same here, during the last three days nature has lived up and I have discovered the first flowers in the garden and on the lawn. Violets and primroses mainly. And the cherry tree is about to bloom.
    Whata nice little Easter pincushion you received.