vrijdag 24 december 2010

The last pieces of 2010

The last days of the year. We never have so much snow as last weeks. The world is white and it will be a White Christmas since years.
Of course our tree is decorated with balls and ornies with memories. Some angels from Germany, little gifts from friends, the first santa's, which my son choose 23 years ago. I love to see the tree this way.

And this year for the first time is my goose made from Tilda design. Isn't cute?

We baked a lot of cookies and cooked nice meals, the smell of this trio is all around us. I have finished the LHN gingerbreads like this because when the other seasons come I can change the front. I love how it tuns out although we don't have time to hang it up.

My exchange piece for our private SWAP. It took a month before it arrived at Angela's home. Such a relief. The postmen were striking over and over again so I was so glad that it arrived in time. Luckily Angela loves the ornie. The design is from Brittercup.

Not only Angela has to wait so long for her ornie. Ela has also to wait for her ornie and can you imagine that France is so nearby.

LHN ornies of the months. They shows how different they look when you used different fabric.
I finished the red one is a little bag.

Dash away from the Sampler girl.

Another two pieces from the Sampler girl. The design was published in the Gift of Stitching. The ornie on the right is for my friend Rebecca. I also made an ornie for my friend Barbara but I think it wouldn't reach her before Christmas. So I cann't show it yet.

It's really nice to use the little bag this way. Just fill it with something Chrimassy.

The last ornie is a design from Lizzie Kate. I love this one. Look at the little bells!

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dinsdag 7 december 2010

Christmasbox and BBD piece.

Last week we got a lot of snow as you can see so it was good time for stitching. I finished my Christmas candy box from Country Cottage Needleworks design: Peppermint Lane. We love peppermint candies. Nowdays it's easy to buy them. So no Christmas without candycans. I stitched the design on 32 count Zweigart linen and finished it on the top of the box. Really happy with how it turns out.

These two tiny beauties came from my BBD exchangepartner Christina. The left one is from the design Autumn Stars, JCS halloween issue 2009. The scissorsfob is taken from Strawberry Garden, LF 18. Both are beaded around. Aren't they beautiful? I like them so thank you so much, Christina.

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zaterdag 27 november 2010

The last autumn pieces.

Look at this cute freebie from Paulette Stewart of the Plumstreet Samplers. I stitched it on Zweigart vintage orange. Change some of the colours and finished it on the top of a box.
The pictures don't do any justice because the weather is nowdays awful. No sunshines to find.

My ornie from LK chart Autumn basket for my exchangepartner Pirjo from Finland.
The backside.

This piece is a part of the LHN chart State Fair, stitched on Zweigart linen vintage orange. Luckily my Seasonal exchangepartner Christina loved it.

The last piece is from LK Harvest sampler, stitched on Zweigart linen. I changed some of the colours.

Hope you enjoy looking at these pieces. For us it's time to celebrate Sinterklaas and after then it's time to decorate our home for Christmas. I have stitched some Christmas pieces so love to see you again.
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dinsdag 9 november 2010

Show and tell.

I want to show you my Fall and Halloween pieces. I love pumpkins so I take part of the Great Pumpkins Challenge of Becky SC. Mostly we don't celebrate Halloween but this year the children of our neighbourhood came knocking at the door.
I put a branch in a big vase and decorate it with my pieces. I also but the Christmas tree lights it. And of course there was also a big bowl with candy's
Here comes my pieces.
This one is a freebie from Gazette. I think it's a challenge to use so much different fabric for the pieces. I chose my own colours, using Threadworx, Carrie thread and DMC varitions.

Alwasy love the designs of Brittercup. Look at these cute kittens! The fabric is lambswool.

This is a part of LK chart, stitched on 32 count light blue linen.

Blessed be is a freebie from Plum Pudding needleart stitched on 32 count Mocha linen.

Pumpkinflower is a freebie from Full Circle Designs. I change some colours.

An autumn freebie from San-man originals

For this piece I did use the recommended threads. The orange is from Threadworx and DMC varitions. For the bat I blended two different DMC colours together because I think it's more scarry than only using black.

The last 2 pieces are from Waxing Moon, Halloween tree and Autumn minis. I enjoyed stitching all the pieces and also made some pins because is really hard to find some Halloween decoration here. OOPS, I forget some pieces, I keep them in mind for the next time.
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donderdag 4 november 2010

It's raining gifts here.

Today it's an awful weather here, wind and rain but I made a Happy Dance because it's raining gifts from my exchangepartners.
I get a beautiful box from Lisa (V) all the way from Australia. She stitched the design from French designer Danybrod on 28 count Silkweaver linen "Raphsody". The design is called Rond Fleuri and finished it on the top of a box.
And look at this side. A tiny, cute charm is added to the ribbon. This is my first exchangebox and I love it, it's really gorgeous! Thanks so much, Lisa for this private exchange. You have done a great job for me.

No, no, it's not enough. Here is the Seasonal exchangepiece from Lisa (S). She stitched a design from my favo designer Prairie Schooler. It's from the Acorns book and stitched on 32 count Lambswool with DMC threads. I don't have this design so it's a surprise for me. Isn't gorgeous too?

And look at the backside. The fabric fits so well.

The last one is from the LK exchange. A cute, little cushion from Finland. I love to thank my partner , but don't know, who is making such a beautiful cushion for me. Anyway thanks partner for this gift, I love it.

Lovely exchanges! I feel spoiled with these beautiful pieces. I'm going to treasure them all.
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donderdag 28 oktober 2010


Hi everyone, I'm back again. Dealing with healthproblems in my family I wasn't in the mood for blogging. In spite of everything I still stitched and want to share some pieces with you. So I hope to see you soon because I really appreciated your sweet comments.
A PS ornie was for the Christmas SWAP. It went to Lisa D. She loves snowmen and on the back I add a text in Dutch, which means Joyful Christmas. It would remind her that this one is coming from Holland.
A birthaday gift for my daughter. Now you know what she likes. The design is from Brittercup stitched on 36 count Zweigart linen

For the back I used a ribbon, which I bought in Paris. Joyeux Anniversaire, which means Happy birtday.

A gift for a friend, which has the courage to keep on learning the Dutch language. Design is from LK flip-it August. I change some of the colours.

From my friend Barbara I received a tiny, sweet ornie. I really love it. Thanks Barabara! The design is from Primitive Betty

At last a beautiful cushion I received from Jennifer for the round 5 BBD exchange. This lovely design is from the book Tokens of frienship.

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

BDD Loose Feathers 2009/2010

A few weeks ago I thought it's time to stitch all the BBD Loose Feathers. So at first I finished the one, which I started at the end of 2009. It's berry time (nr. 37). The design and colours are beautiful.

During my short trip in Drenthe I finished Summer basket sampler. I wasn't very happy about the colour of the linen. So I changed it into Zweigart 32 count linen colour 222. It turned out nicely I think. The colours are so soft on the linen that could be a French design.

Then it's time for Peacock pinkeep. I love this one very much although I have to find time to make the finishes.

This part is for the needlebook.

Look at this Winterwonderland. It was such a joy to stitch it but it's a lot of stitching. So now I have only to finish LF 36 called the Simple things and the last one Hedgerow birds. At this moment I really don't know which finishes I want to chose so I hope to find some times in the winter to sew or to frame all the pieces.

This is the middle part of the Summer basket. I finished it into a pincushion for Christina, my exchangepartner. I took me a lot of time to sew the lace. My partner wrote me that she loved it.

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