maandag 30 november 2009

A gift for my son

When I saw this BBD chart of Eiffel tower I know for sure that I'm going to stitch it for my son. The first time he went for a week to Paris with his class-mates. In spite of the language, which is difficult he had a time of his life. The weather was good and yes Paris est tres magnifique. In 2006 he went for exchange to Sweden. He lived there for six months. During his stays he travelled to a lots of capitals but none of them was as beautiful as Paris he said.
From Sweden he went with his exchangefriends to Paris to celebrate the newyears eve at the foot of the Eiffel tower. It's wonderful to see all the cultures together peaceful celebrating 2009.

The design is stitched on Zweigart 36 count linen using GA Blueberry. If you enlarge the picture you can also see the beads, which I used in the stars.
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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very lovely! I have that chart printed, waiting to be stitched.

  2. It's gorgeous, Conny, and I really love how you used it in a scrapbook format. So ingeneous! :D