dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

BDD Loose Feathers 2009/2010

A few weeks ago I thought it's time to stitch all the BBD Loose Feathers. So at first I finished the one, which I started at the end of 2009. It's berry time (nr. 37). The design and colours are beautiful.

During my short trip in Drenthe I finished Summer basket sampler. I wasn't very happy about the colour of the linen. So I changed it into Zweigart 32 count linen colour 222. It turned out nicely I think. The colours are so soft on the linen that could be a French design.

Then it's time for Peacock pinkeep. I love this one very much although I have to find time to make the finishes.

This part is for the needlebook.

Look at this Winterwonderland. It was such a joy to stitch it but it's a lot of stitching. So now I have only to finish LF 36 called the Simple things and the last one Hedgerow birds. At this moment I really don't know which finishes I want to chose so I hope to find some times in the winter to sew or to frame all the pieces.

This is the middle part of the Summer basket. I finished it into a pincushion for Christina, my exchangepartner. I took me a lot of time to sew the lace. My partner wrote me that she loved it.

Thanks for your visit and enjoy your day!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Very pretty! I particularly like the section of Summer Basket stitched as a pillow, great idea!

  2. What else can I say but they are all beautiful finishes, congrats! I love the exchange piece, it turned out so pretty with the lace trim :)

  3. What a love set of finishes! Wow! You're so good about doing the Loose Feathers pieces. I just seem to collect them, not stitch them. lol!

  4. All your finishes are beautiful. BBD is one of my favs, as well.

  5. Oh Conny! These are all so wonderful!

    Now, put that stitching down & turn off that computer...AND...finish that Peacock pinkeep!!!

  6. Wow, your needles must be smoking, Conny. All the projects look gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing them being finished during the winter.
    What a loevly idea to stitch the basket from the Summer Basket and finish it into a little pincushion. Turned out so beautiful.

  7. I absolutely love everything you have stitched and finished - especially the pincushion you made for Christina - it is simply gorgeous.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  8. Brava! You have special hands, your stitching are wonderful. Bye for now, Clara.