zaterdag 21 februari 2009

What a colours!

Yesterday we went by train to the Craftfair in Zwolle. It's is a big fair for here in Holland. You can find the most importent craftshops here so a lot of needleworkers visite the fair during the three days. I found what I looked for: linen and linen. It's always a challenge to do some experiment with different linnen. Look at the French linen I bought from Au Lin d'ACB (www. ) What a colours! Aren't they beautiful? I'm very satisfied with all my goodies:)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The colours of the linen are terrific. And that wonderful fabric with roses, so beautiful. You were doing great at the fair!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous choices, Conny! And I bet it was an especially delightful outing as you got to go with your daughter!

  3. WOW, you got great new stash. I'm going tomorrow and can't hardly wait.