dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Little things...........

After a week with a lot of sunshines the weather has changed. It's awful weather today although the sun is shining, it rains and there is a lot of wind. Looking at the three little things I have, it makes me feel happy. At first the tulips which my friend brought me today. Then the cards of Lisi Martin, which I collect. A friend brought them from Sweden. Look a the little stitcher, isn't she cute! What is learnt early is learnt well ( in Dutch: jong geleerd, oud gedaan). We stitched at the workshop last saturday but at the end we always made a little thing. This funny little heart. Thanks friends for your little gifts!

1 opmerking:

  1. These little things are so nice and certainly cheered you up. We also were having new snow at the beginning of this week so if I wan tto see flowers I'll have to go to a flower shop. But since yesterday it has been raining and the snow is melting. Enjoy your goodies.