zondag 15 maart 2009

One sunny day and.........

One sunny day and look how the garden changes. The crocus are blooming and there is a lot of helleborus in the garden. I have all kind of helleborus with different colours but the most beautiful are the darkpurple ones. If you like to admire them you have to kneel down. Not it looks like the spring is coming soon.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi je helleborus, Con.
    En je crocussen zijn ook schattig.
    Bestel je vast het mooie weer?

    Groet, Rebecca

  2. Is Gouda stuck in some sort of state of near-permanent cloud cover? The past two days have started off sunny, but quickly turned to clouds and rain. :( Your garden looks wonderful!

  3. Lovely pictures. Like you I have noticed that spring is finally on its way. I wish I was as lucky with helleborus as you. I planted two last year but they have both died, an all too common occurenmce with my garden as it's a thick clay soil.

  4. Crocus, some of my favourite spring flowers. Great pictures.