dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Fun together

Today Barbara came with Arden to visit me. We did not stitch, we only had fun. Arden was so cute. We celebrated our belated birthdays a little bit. She brought me a gorgeous pincushion filled with lavender. She knows that I love blue colours and also French designers. She stitched a beautiful design from Marjorie Massey, using silk. Look at the bunnies, aren't the cute? I'm so happy with my gift.
For sure I knew that Barbara likes the charts of Kathy Barrick-Dieter so I chose this one, which is called Brite Birds. To give the design an old look I used the 32 count Zweigert vintage linen, colour brown and I changed the DMC threads into WDW and CC. I wanted to finish it like a Hornbook so I used a chalkboard for the background. Fortunately Barbara also liked her gift:)

15 opmerkingen:

  1. I had SO much fun! :D Thanks for everything!! :D

  2. Two lovely designs and finishes, no wonder you are both delighted with your gifts.

  3. I love the birds sampler. Would you be willing to share that chart. Such a great gift for a stitching friend. Please email me...pjstitcher@mchsi.com pj

  4. I've admired these lovely pieces you both made at Barbara's blog earlier. Well done.

    Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog.

  5. Both gifts look so pretty. That bird sampler is wonderful and I think I'll have to stitch it, too. And the bunnies are so cute. I love Marjorie Massey's designs.

  6. Conny ik kwam bij toeval op je blog terecht.
    Wat een mooie dingen heb jij gemaakt. Ik zet je bij mijn favorieten en kom zeker vaker bij je langs!
    Groeten Riet.

  7. I really like the brite birds pattern. I have had trouble finding it online. How was it a freebie? Did it come with something you bought or did you find it online? Great finish though!!!

  8. I have enjoyed seeing your stitching and beautiful flowers.Please could you share where the Brite Birds is from,it is lovely.
    Thank you and Happy Stitching

  9. Great gifts congrats
    May I ask where to find the Brite Birds freebie ?
    Thanks a bunch

  10. Ana,

    I don't have your email address!

  11. I've been looking for Brite Birds for ages now--can you let me know where I can find it? Thank you so much!


  12. Ann,

    Have send you the chart by mail.

  13. Hello Connie,
    I just saw your blog on "Birds of the Brite-Kathy Barryk-Dieter" is very pretty. I saw on the blog this designer she wanted to share the grid.
    Could you send me this screen? In advance thank you and good day.
    I am French and speak little this language!

  14. Hello Connie,
    For the previous message:
    my adress e-mail :
    Thank Annick

  15. This is lovely and I am glad I have found your blog. It is very nice.