donderdag 9 juli 2009


For a few weeks we had a lot of sunshines so you can see that all kind of hydrangea's are blooming. I think it's easy to take care of them. Sometimes they need a lot of waters. This is Annabelle standing in the frontgarden.

This one is the most difficult of all. It takes time to get it growing but I love the purple hearts with white flowers very much.

Even in the pot and in the shadow the hydrangea gives you beautiful flowers to enjoy.
Where can you find plants so easy as the hydrangea's? You can enjoy them for a long time and even in a vase they're gorgeous.

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  1. I love these flowers. My friend Sara had a huge bush of them growing near her back porch in Maine and she always called it The Snowball Bush because the flower clumps were white and big, like snowballs. :D

  2. You have won my Blogversary Giveawy so can you email me your address so as that I can eventually send you your prize. I'm still waiitng for the chart to arrive but it shouldn't be too much longer now.

    My emails is angela at hillwalker84 dot fsnet dot co dot uk

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  3. Congratulations Conny. What a wonderful Blogaversary giveaway you have won and I hope you enjoy it because I sure would! Shame her son wasn't 5! Then I would have won. But I feel like I have anyway because I clicked on your blog from Angela's and it is just lovely and I love love love your flowers and stitching and have saved it to my bloglist so that I can in the future see when you update it. I used to love gardening but can't anymore because I have MS but I have finally found one so hopefully next year my garden will be beautiful because it sure is big.

    Lots of Love Patti xxx

  4. I'm so happy to win the beautiful chart! Come along anytime you like. I really appreciated your sweet comment. Great that someone would help you with the garden.