vrijdag 27 februari 2009

Haandarbejdets Fremme

In the summer of 2007 we went for 31/2 weeks to Denmark and Sweden.
I collected the Haandarbejdets Fremme Calendars for a couple of years. So now I got the chance to find the missing years in Denmark. One a sunny day we went to Kopenhagen to find the shop. What a disappointment!
My husband wanted to give me a second chance so after a few days we tried to find the second address.
However the small village, called Loejtveld couldn't be found on our map. I tried to call to the shop but it did not work.
At the gas station I met a woman, who knew the shop and she was really nice so she called the shop for me and told me how to find the shop. It was a long drive to Svendborg so we combined our trip.
At first we visited the castle called Egeskov at Kvaerndrup and then the Fremme shop.
The shop was a kind of a farm, small but with a huge collection of Fremme. I bought the complete set of Blomstergarns (102 colours). There was also an exposition of the Fremme designer Edith Hansen.
During my vacation I have stitched the roses from the calendar, which I bought there. One chart was used for the ring cushion of my daughter's wedding.

woensdag 25 februari 2009

The bookshelf

Stitching the bookshelf from the Little House Needleworks brings back some memories of my school time. Reading Wuthering Heights, the secret garden and sense and sensibility. I saw Little Women on television last Sunday by accident. For this piece I use Cashel linen, light mocha and DMC fibers. The golden thread is from Vaupel and Heilenbeck. It's recommended to use DMC metallic but I know that it's easier using V&P with a bigger needle.

zondag 22 februari 2009

French country bunny

I made this pincushion for my daughter R. to thank her for the lovely day in Zwolle. She collects rabbits that's why I chose the French country bunny chart from JBW designs. It's filled with lavender. It's a pity you can't smell it through your computer:)

zaterdag 21 februari 2009

What a colours!

Yesterday we went by train to the Craftfair in Zwolle. It's is a big fair for here in Holland. You can find the most importent craftshops here so a lot of needleworkers visite the fair during the three days. I found what I looked for: linen and linen. It's always a challenge to do some experiment with different linnen. Look at the French linen I bought from Au Lin d'ACB (www. lin-acb.com ) What a colours! Aren't they beautiful? I'm very satisfied with all my goodies:)

donderdag 19 februari 2009

Winter Wonderland

Hurray at last finished! I have stitched this piece from Little House Needleworks a few months ago but couldn't finished it because of the French Knots, which are used as eyes of the snowman . I have taught myself by an instruction video online. It's still winter here so I'm still in time:)

maandag 16 februari 2009

Quilt fair

Last saturday I went with my friend to the Quilt fair. There was an exposition of the quilters so I take some pictures of their works to give you an impression. There was even quilted bra's as you can see. I'm not a quilter but de Handwerkboetiek was also there. Look at all the goodies I bought. I'm very pleased with the two new charts from Little House Needleworks and Blue Ribbon. What do you think about the colours of the satin from Hungary? They are beautiful although the photo can not show you the details.

vrijdag 13 februari 2009

Happy Valentine!


I try to collect some charts of stitchers. The freecharts is from A mon ami Pierre. You can find it here: http://www.trifils.com/laboutique/freecharts.php

donderdag 12 februari 2009

In my garden

In spite of the cold weather it doesn't encouraged the plants
preparing their buds for the spring. Look what I found today in my garden?
It's make me happy to see the Hellebores, Snow-drops and Bluebells. Maybe spring is coming soon:)

dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Petits points et toile de lin

The weather is awful today. It's raining the whole day so I go on with making plans. Another beautiful French cross-stitch book is from Marjorie Massey. This book has 144 pages and the objects are divide in: messages, kitchen, alphabet and monograph. The descriptions are short and clear. Using the following colours: DMC 791, 797, 3838, 498,150,600, 3865,822,451
For each work you can choose one of this colours. I think it's also beautiful to use silk or hand-dyed fibers. I choose the butterflies to stitch using 3865. In one word: c'est livre est très magnifique but not easy to find here.

maandag 9 februari 2009

New plans

A cloudy day, a cup of tea, it's time for reading and making some new plans. Introducing you:

Amities Croisees by French designer Isabelle Vaultier and Italian Renato Parolin. The two designers are working together and put their both designs in this book. 79 pages full of various patterns using one or two colours for each works like DMC 815, Pomme de Pin etc.
I decide to choose for this beautiful blue design. I think it's easy to take this work with me on my vacation in May.

zondag 8 februari 2009

Garden gourmet finished!

It was such a pleasure stitching this piece of Little House Needleworks. It feels like I'm on vacation in Italy. Imagine: sitting in the sun with pasta and a glass of wine, while the nature is blooming. What more do I wish?

vrijdag 6 februari 2009

Gourmet garden

For this work I use the Zweigart Vintage linen, color light green/white.
I have never used it before so it’s was exciting but also a little bit scary to see how the colours would fit to the background.
After all I’m very content with the results although the work is not finished yet.

donderdag 5 februari 2009


Wow! Look at all the goodies I received last friday. I loved them all.
Thank you Becca!

dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Garden verses

This is the finished first part of the Garden Verses by Prairie Schooler. I like her chart very much because of the design and colors. This chart was not for sale in Holland so I stayed awake
until the middle of the night to win the auction. Isn't she lovely?

maandag 2 februari 2009

Helloborus Niger

It's snowing here a little bit and it's very cold but it does not discourage
Helleborus Niger (kerstroos) to bloom. You have to kneel to admire her beautiful flowers.

zondag 1 februari 2009

How far is France from Holland???

I'm very fond of French designers so I bought in november a chart from Mon ami Pierre.
The seller send me the chart on the first of december. I did not receive it but what a miracle this week this chart arrives after two months.