vrijdag 14 mei 2010


Coming home from Paris I got the summer flu. Becky cheers me up with this beautiful pincushion stitched from a freebie of Gloria Bee, called Spring Tulips. I love it, it's a little bit Holland don't you think? Thanks so much, Becky!

This the piece, which I sent to Joanie for the BBD exchange round4. I stitched this piece from BBD book Honeysuckle Manor, the stitcher's companion using Tentakulum Painter's thread Matisse.

Maybe you do remember my birdhouse, which you saw here before. This is the second one, which I used for the Seasonal exchange.
Marjorie received it and luckily she loves it. The design is from a part of PS chart Birdsong 2, using the recommended threads.
Wish you all a Happy and Sunny weekend. Thanks for your sweet comments.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. LOve the BBD piece you made for the exchange.
    The PS design...that reminds me i haven't completed that piece yet.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Both of the pieces you made are beautiful, but the BBD one is just STUNNING!!! :D

    Are you all back in good health now?

  3. Beautiful exchange pieces, both given and received. I really love the PS one!

  4. All these pieces are so beautiful. I can see why the little tulip spring piece cheered you up a lot, it's just so serene and joyful.
    Your BBD exchnage piece looks absolutely great and the recipient must have been thrilled. The same for your seasonal exchnage piece. A very neat finishing idea. Maybe I'll "borrow" this idea from you one day, lol.

  5. Beautiful stitching. I love the BBD one. Your finishing is wonderful too.

  6. What lovely colours in the Spring cushion, no wonder it cheered you up. The pieces you stitched for the exchanges are beautiful.