zondag 13 februari 2011


Wish you all A Happy Valentine's day. A time of love and friendschip.
This heart is a freebie from Maryse, stitched on Jobelan with DMC threads.

My first bisconu stitched with Threadworx. The design is from Patrizia Martellini published in GOS.

The backside.

The last piece is a design from Brittercup. My ornamentpiece especially made for Lori.
Have a nice day and thanks for your sweet comments.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice finishes! The first two are very appropriate for the day too! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Beautiful finishes! I especially love how you finished off the heart design.

  3. Wow, Conny, those are all so pretty! I hope you're enjoying a wonderful day!

  4. All are beautiful finishes and I love your ornament that you made for Lori :)

  5. That’s amazing. I am seriously impressed and happy for you. I imagine that had to have been so rewarding for you after the long wait.